GCSE Mathematics Exam preparation – last minute revision!

The GCSE Mathematics examinations are knocking at our doors!  At this stage it may be wise to separate your revision into the topics that are likely to appear in each paper.  For Edexcel there are some obvious ones that may appear in a non-calculator or calculator paper.  In AQA your papers are split between modules. Do not confuse your brain by looking at obvious paper 2 topics just before you sit paper 1. Whether you have been revising manically over the past few weeks or you have last minute jitters… practise and practise and practise… and then practise some more.

Exam dates (Edexcel)

Thursday 4th June 2015 Morning – Non-Calculator

Monday 8th June  2015 Morning – Calculator

Make sure you take the correct equipment, check it works and most importantly be familiar with it!

Below are a few things that may help you just give your confidence a final boost!

     Foundation Booklet                           

keep-calm-and-revise-gcse-maths-4 F


     Higher Booklet

keep-calm-and-revise-gcse-maths-5 H

GCSE Maths questions by topic and grade


GCSE Maths past papers


Magic 8 – Higher topics with videos!


Click on these…

Maths Facts

Common Mistakes

Easy ways not to lose Marks

Keep your eye on this page for urgent updates over the next week!!

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