GCSE Maths 9 to 1 – A Headscratcher’s Guide to topics and AOs

Over the past year most Maths departments across the country have been scratching their heads around this topic.  Over the past few months the head scratching has been more prolific.  I have been working on a document that has helped me understand the new 9 to 1 grades and the revision of the Assessment Objectives within this new GCSE 2015 specification.

The process of producing this resource has taken me from a point despair to clarity… to the point where I think it actually adds value to teaching.  Currently we are in the process of rolling out a grading system that will allow a student to track progress/attainment from Year 7 to Year 11 on an agreed scale, heavily structured by the new 9 to 1 grading system.  The topics have been guided into what I think is an appropriate grade and then split between the three assessment objectives.

This is by no means a finished document or resource but it’s a starting point where one hasn’t existed (my colleagues and I have searched daily to no avail).

Your feedback would be invaluable and I have placed it on here so that other professionals can use it and more importantly test it.

KentMaths GCSE2015 Topics by grades and AO

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