Topics omitted from the GCSE 2015

Below is a brief summary of key topics that have now been removed from the GCSE Mathematics content:

  • Writing numbers as words
  • Writing numbers from words
  • Recognise even and odd numbers
  • Recognise the relationship between recurring decimals and exact fractions
  • Use of systematic trial and improvement
  • Tessellation
  • Use of isometric grids
  • Convert Imperial to Imperial, Metric to Imperial, know rough equivalence
  • Design of questionnaires and criticise
  • Select and apply transformations of functions expressed algebraically
  • Use axes/coordinates to specify points in 2D/3D

For a more detailed overview please refer to DfE GCSE 2015.

2 thoughts on “Topics omitted from the GCSE 2015

    • This page is about the new specification starting in 2015, first examination 2017. There are no changes to the examination sessions in 2015 or 2016.
      Hope that helps 🙂
      Ps that question would still appear in the new specification as currently proposed.


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